How to Promote Your YouTube Channel to Maximize Views

Hello friend, we would like to promote your best rangoli or kolam art on our Facebook page, we are having Facebook family of  1,50,000 members on RANGOLI ART GROUP,

Where rangoli images and updated rangoli art information has been shared with all members on daily basis. 

Let’s understand our promotion method and how it will help you to enhance your reach towards audience. 

How easily you can Promote Your YouTube Channel in Simple Steps

Basic of Our Facebook Rangoli Art Group- 
  • We Are family of 1,50,000 members 
  • Daily almost 500+ Rangoli Images are uploading to group 
  • Daily active members are more than 50,000 ( reach & reaction Count)  

How we supporting in unique way to your Channel-

·        Separate & unique registration number will be providing to every member after registration completes. 

Your Links will be received by whatsapp, to avoid unwanted suffering to registered member, 

Your channel description will be uploaded while uploading video on Facebook so that create separate impression over audience,

Your links will be automatically highlighted to all members as they will be uploaded by admin so every member getting its notification

 Additional Support from our side-

·       1. Providing Unique & trending keywords for YouTube channel,  as well support for best searching keywords/ tags for YouTube video.

·        2. We also updating you upcoming events and topics on which you can prepare videos and upload as per requirement of audience

3. We will add you to separate Whatsapp group where same people with Rangoli art passion, from where you can get idea about, what other people doing & how you can improve your YouTube videos.

Registration Fees & How to be member of paid program-

·        We are charging for 300 Rs for 30 Days of your Fb pages, YouTube Channel Promotion, in which you can post links of your YouTube video links,

 TThat means you will get chance, to promote your art in front of 2,00,000 members in only 300 Rs./month


How to Pay-

You can pay by using Paytm / Google pay on 9024395484.

After payment, just whatsapp us your bellow details & we will register you for 90 days –



Youtube Channel Name-


Mobile Number-

Email ID-


Just provide these details along with payment details on 9024395484 by using whatsapp,

Lets explore your art with all facebook audience.

We are always there for support. 

Also you can contact us by filling contact form given bellow. 




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